About This Blog


Before you get started, here's a brief explanation about this blog.

You see, it was SUPPOSED TO be a blog about mental health, specifically depression and bipolar disorder. Now it's just seven blog posts. 

What happened is: I started writing another book. It's about hope. I'm working REALLY HARD to finish it as quickly as possible. And I'm also working on starting a creative writing program. And I'm also working on finding a way to settle down in Spain. And as I am only one person, it's pretty hard to do all of these things at one time, plus write a blog. To finish my first two books, I slept two hours a night. I need a little more sleep than that, so something had to go. It was this blog.

At some point, I will take parts of some of these posts and turn them into a book about mental health. Until that happens, I'll keep these posts up, in case anyone needs a reminder or hope or the knowledge that: you CAN get better from depression. AND, you are not alone.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

Many thanks!