Keep Walking

Blog Post 7:


The List of Reasons

why I have not finished 

the post I promised you

(the post called: The List of Return)



Thank you so much for continuing to read and I am SO SORRY for the delay in this next post. It is SUPER long. I worked on it for a month. It’s not even half finished yet. Maybe not even a quarter, because I haven’t even STARTED on the illustrations and most of those take a REALLY long time to do. Anyway, I was working VERY HARD, and then I had to take a break because all of these things happened:


  • I got 50 mosquito bites on my legs (yes, I counted, and yes, it was an even 50) in Singapore and needed to take time to scratch every single one.

  • I found a few SUPER cool streets in Singapore and needed to take time to wander along them many times and take lots of pictures. Some of the pictures are at the end of this blogpost.

  • I stayed with a SUPER cool family at my Airbnb in Singapore and took time to watch science shows with my host’s SUPER cool 10-year-old son.

  • I got lost every time I tried to take the back roads to the market I shopped at in Chiang Mai, Thailand, so all my food shopping time was ALWAYS doubled.

  • I got lost pretty much every time I left the house, so all my time going anywhere except from my room to the kitchen or the bathroom was (at least) doubled.

  • As there are very few traffic lights in the center of Chiang Mai and a lot of traffic, it took me a long time to cross the street.

  • I passed out from an allergic reaction to a medicine I took to treat an allergic reaction to yet another mosquito bite. As I passed out in a pharmacy, the pharmacist asked her staff to take me to an emergency room. It was an experience. I will write a post about it. 

  • I had to find a place to live and apply for a visa extension.

  • I saw a bunch of pretty flowers while walking around Chiang Mai and I had to stop to appreciate them.

  • I wanted to see and do cool stuff in Chiang Mai. And there is A LOT of cool stuff to see and do.

  • I wrote a lecture to give at a university.

  • I gave the lecture.

  • I spent time hanging out with friends.

  • The “q”, “w”, “e”, and “r” keys on my laptop stopped working. I spent a lot of time feeling a little sad that those keys weren’t working, because I like those letters so much. Then I spent a lot of time hoping those keys would just start working on their own so I wouldn’t have to leave my room. When that didn’t work, I left my room and took my computer to get it fixed. It turned out, it wasn’t fixed. So that resulted in a lot more hoping and waiting for the keys to fix themselves, plus a bit of frustration when they didn’t. Eventually I left my room AGAIN, took my computer to get fixed AGAIN, and that second time, it was fixd fo al. (That’s “fixed for real” as it appeared before my computer was fixed for real.)

  • The coronavirus became a pandemic. :( 


I will get back to these posts as soon as possible. I would actually like to turn them into a book. It’s already started. :)


To make up for the delay with these posts, below the pictures from the super cool street in Singapore, I’ve posted a few more super cool pictures from various places to put smiles on your faces and to remind you to ALWAYS KEEP WALKING.


Much love and talk soon!


p.s. In case you didn’t notice, I think the word “super” is super fun to use.

March 10, 2020