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Title: You will find what you seek. Seek beauty.

Inspiration: All that is beautiful in this world


this poem by Rumi: 

Many people travel to Syria and Iraq and meet only hypocrites.


Others go all the way to India and see just merchants buying and selling.


Others go to Turkestan and China and find those countries filled with sneak-thieves and cheats.


We always see the qualities that are living in us.

Eye Flower
Rooted to Love

Title: Rooted to Love

Inspiration: Trees. And love. :)

Title: Plant MAGIC. It can root itself and grow anywhere.

Inspiration: A quote by Roald Dahl that I first read outside an artist's studio in Sevilla, Spain:

"Those who do not believe in magic will never find it."

Now I Can See the Moon

Title: Barn's burnt down -- now I can see the moon.


Inspiration: The title is the following poem by the Japanese poet Mizuta Masahide:

Barn's burnt down --


I can see the moon.

The short title is:

Libre de sol a sol. (Literally: Free from sun to sun. Another translation into English for "de sol a sol" is "from sunrise to sunset" or "from dusk to dawn".)

The long title is: 

Libre de sol a sol.

I fought the demons and won.

Free from sun to sun.


The subtitle is: 

No one flies alone.

Free Birds

The inspiration is: A line in my favorite song ever, "Hacia lo salvaje" (Into the Wild) by the Spanish group Amaral.

The line is: "Every day was a gift, free from sun to sun."

Other information: Also available with different colored backgrounds.

More art coming soon.