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If You Ever Lose Hope...

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How can you regain hope after you’ve lost it?

The Survivors know. And in this beautifully illustrated, inspirational story, they share their wisdom. 

One day, a young girl loses hope. 

Darkness overwhelms her. 

Injustice storms in, thundering, “What has been will always be!”
Sorrow vows, in a voice as quiet as tears that drown, “I will never leave you.”
Fear stakes its claim as it whispers, “Mine. Mine. Mine.”

But there are other voices, too. Other words. Gifts from the Survivors. 

The Survivors—those who have been beaten, broken, and silenced, and who have gone on to grow gardens and sing love songs—speak to her one by one.


“If you ever lose hope . . .” they counsel. She listens. And what she learns will help her find her way back to light. 

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