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Collages made from photos from my travels.

See some of those photos below the picture. 

Love Is Queen - JPEG.jpg

Her dress comes from stones and a puddle in Turin, Italy: 

stones in Turin, Italy.jpg

The giant heart comes from a marble column in Turin: 

marble column in Turin, Italy.jpg

Her robes are from a wedding dress in a storefront in Edinburgh, Scotland: 

wedding dress in Edinburgh, Scotland.jpg

The pink and orange flowers in the top left corner and the purple and red ones in the bottom left corner are from a plate in the Alcázar in Sevilla, Spain: 


Her tattoos, some of the hearts, and her crown are from a mural in Chiang Mai, Thailand: 

mural 1 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.jpg
mural 2 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.jpg

Some of the other hearts are from a mural in Dublin, Ireland:

mural in Dublin, Ireland.jpg

The wings are from the painting Saint Bride by John Duncan in the National Galleries of Scotland. 

397 - Scottish National Gallery.jpg
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