Nikolas and the Misfit Shapes

Find Their Place

Nikolas doesn't seem to fit in anywhere. Everyone else he knows is a clearly recognizable shape. 

Their edges are smooth, their sides even, their curves perfect.

But he's different. He has curves where others have straight lines and corners where others have curves.

Clothes don't fit him. 

Floors make him go bumpity-bump.

And the other shapes make fun of him.

Nikolas is sure there is a place where he fits and sets off to find it.

He does, but it is NOTHING like he imagined...

Available in paperback and e-book.

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a few words from readers...

"I like this story because it tells the truth.  We all feel like we don't fit in sometimes, but we never say it."

- Natalie, 11 years old

"This book makes me so happy."

- Alina, grown-up

"This story says what happens in real life and why bullies bully."

- Diego, 9 years old

"It's so important for kids to know the message here."

- Carmen, grown-up and mom  

"Your story is so good."

- Lynn, 8 years old

"I love it."

- Sam, child at heart