If You Ever Lose Hope...

palette and paintbrush.png

The flowers and leaves in all the illustrations are from many different places. Some of the flowers in this illustration are from my favorite place on earth: the Alcázar in Sevilla, Spain. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited, and it also has tremendous sentimental value for me. I visited it on my first solo trip abroad. While there, it was the first time in my life I thought: Maybe I actually can make my dreams of traveling/living/settling down abroad come true. At the time, those felt like tremendous, impossible dreams. But they're pretty small compared to the revolutionary’s dreams. 

The flowers on the revolutionary’s shirt tell the story of his dream and fight for equality and compassion. The flower at the bottom is a bud from a mural. Later the bud opens as more join the fight and the dream grows closer to reality. At the top of his shirt, a real rose replaces the painted one: victory. At least, in terms of one single battle. 


At the end of the book, all the flowers on his shirt are real. Equality is universal and compassion is the basis of every interaction.


What would the world be like if that were true?