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The Fate of the Dragon:
An illustrated Essay on the New Normal

Normal is a wound.

Many are suffering from it.


Normal is a weapon.

Many are controlled by it.


Normal is a lie.

And refusing to believe it is the beginning of freedom.


The Fate of the Dragon: An Illustrated Essay on the New Normal is a poetic, heartbreaking look at the injustices that societies have normalized and the devastating consequences that so many face just for being different. Among those consequences, feeling that suicide is the only way out of pain. However, this book’s message is not one of despair, for the dragon’s fate is still undecided. And the new normal can look very different from the old normal if we take better care of each other, and if we understand our differences rather than punish them.


The new normal can be a repetition.

Or it can be a revolution. 

1 - Dragon - gaslighted.png

The new normal.

 The words set me seething.

 And if I continue to be what I have been,

 a prisoner of lies,

 I will do with my rage what all the

gaslighted dragons do with their fire...

13 - Dragon - one more layer of masks.png

The new normal.

 The phrase doesn’t set me counting the days

with a song of tra la la in my heart

because soon everything will be as it was,

except, of course,

for one more layer of masks...

17 - Dragon - unjustifiable.png

The new normal makes me fear that
things will continue to be misnamed: 
the illogical, senseless, and unjustifiable 
forever stripped of their prefixes and suffixes...

69 - Dragon - precipice of the abyss.png

We who have survived on the borders

and the precipice of the abyss...

43 - Dragon - the reason I rise.png

Love always looks us square in the soul 
and shouts with all its strength 
so it will be heard and believed 
above the brutal din: 

“Do not mistake lies for truths. 
YOU are the reason I rise.”

40 - Dragon - wonder beamed with pride.png
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