The Fate of the Dragon:
An illustrated Essay on the New Normal

Normal is a wound.

Many are suffering from it.


Normal is a weapon.

Many are controlled by it.


Normal is a lie.

And refusing to believe it is the beginning of freedom.


The Fate of the Dragon: An Illustrated Essay on the New Normal is a poetic, heartbreaking look at the injustices that societies have normalized and the devastating consequences that so many face just for being different. However, this book’s message is not one of despair, for the dragon’s fate is still undecided. And the new normal can look very different from the old normal if we take better care of each other and celebrate rather than punish differences.


The new normal can be a repetition.

Or it can be a revolution.



The Fate of the Dragon

Coming September 1, 2022.


For ages 12-112.

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